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Answerbank open-enrolment workshops

If you desire high impact sales training for your staff, but your organization lacks the number, free time or resources to warrant a customized in-house training for now, this is for you

Answerbank Consulting has few open-enrolment workshops that focus on narrow application areas in sales management, business development, account management, sales channel management,  inside sales effectiveness, sales negotiations, complex sales, partnering, etc. Our open-enrolment workshops lend themselves to intensive practical sessions that engender field application by participants as soon as they conclude the program. To achieve this, we utilize a variety of customized experiential learning techniques including case studies, role-plays, games, instrumentation and structured experiences. In addition, our programs are delivered with extensive audiovisual support. 


Answerbank public workshops are particularly helpful to companies that have new hires whom they need to train or retrain. They are also helpful to senior executives that desire to 'preview' Answerbank Consulting's ProactiveSelling sales methodology before making an adoption decision for their entire sales team. In addition, marketing professionals that want to learn a reliable sales methodology so that they can support their own in-house sessions and implementation find Answerbank Consulting's public workshops very useful. A variety of independent consultants and entrepreneurs as well as  other salespersons with varying levels of earlier exposures to sales and account management training  will also greatly benefit from the open-enrolment programs. 


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